oneinamillion is a small cafe that has been all over Seoul-ites Instagram feeds since its opening this past May. The cafe's minimalist white interior paired with its signature pink-and-black decor has landed it as one of the go-to spots in, recent trendy neighborhood, Hannam-dong. Even though half the people sitting at oneinamillion's marble tables are probably there to just take pictures, the cafe has a menu full of tasty--as well as photogenic--drinks and sweets. 

We came to oneinamillion hoping to grab brunch but this place isn't really geared towards meals. Instead, we found the menu to have mostly creatively-named coffee drinks, various -ades, cocktails, and cakes. We ended up going for a very, very sweet White Tiramisu Cake, a not-so-sweet Lemon Cake, Grapefruit Lemonade (for me), and a latte called Holiday which was coconut milk based (for my friend). Everything was delicious. Definitely the perfect place to go if you have a taste for something sweet on a nice sunny day! My one regret is not getting my drink in one of the cute takeout cups that mimic the black-and-pink interior of the cafe. These can be seen on their b.e.a.utiful Instagram feed.

Advice to foreign visitors: Don't just go in and sit down expecting someone to come up and take your order. You have to go up to the counter, order, and then find a table. It may look a little fancy but it's not that fancy! I'm also pretty sure there was English on the menu, so if you don't speak Korean you should be A-ok!

Address | 서울시 용산구 한남동 684-62 
(Seoul, Yongsan-gu, Hannam-dong 684-62)
Take Line 6 to Hangangjin 한강진 to get there.

If you get a chance to visit oneinamillion while you are in Seoul, tag me in your photos on Instagram @victoriaheinz! I'd love to see what fun drinks you guys tried out :D

Hannam-dong looked like such a cool area while I was walking around and checking out the different shops and restaurants. There were a lot of cafes with artsy concepts, fashion/lifestyle shops, and cozy little specialty food stores a.k.a. a restaurant dedicated to king size 김말이. MAJOR HEART EYES GUYS. This definitely won't be my last time visiting!

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