The last six months have been the most stressful, anxiety-inducing months of my life. If you know a bit about astrology, you might understand the distress I had as a Libra trying to figure out the direction I wanted my life to go in as graduation drew nearer and nearer. Making life changing decisions just isn't my thing. I have to research every last detail, know all possible complications, and have potential solutions to all of them. Basically, I make myself go crazy.

"Do you know what you're doing after graduation?" "Have you gotten a job yet?" "How is your job search going?" Amidst all the inevitable questions one receives when they are about to graduate my anxiety was at its height. It makes you feel inadequate and disappointed in yourself when you don't have your entire future figured out like everyone else. It's also kind of sad that that's expected of you because of American societal standards--am I right? I mean you dedicated twelve years of your life for this moment--to finally finish school, graduate university and begin pursuing your career right away. BUT I realized not everyone has the same path in life and that might not be what is right for everyone. I definitely began to feel that way for myself as I spent all the money I had taking buses back and forth from Ithaca to NYC for job interviews.

I had--and still have--dreams of living that metropolitan life as a working girl in NYC at some huge company worthy of my degree. Having dreams are great. They keep our goals in sight and drive our ambition. However, oftentimes they are unrealistic to our current reality. In the end, I had to put a pause on my dream because I had no money to fund it. NYC is expensive! There is no way I would have survived on an entry level salary in the marketing/advertising industry and been happy living in New York. It feels nice to admit that because I was ashamed for so long these past few months that I wasn't pursuing the career people expected of me so I stopped talking to people all together. I got over that. Now, I'm moving on to my second dream, a.k.a. my backup plan from the very beginning. 

I wouldn't be me if I didn't foresee needing a backup plan. It's the only true peace of mind indecisive girls like myself have in times of need. After I applied to a handful of jobs in New York, I started putting feelers out for information on what I needed to make it back to Seoul, South Korea. 

Ever since I got back from studying abroad in Korea two years ago, it's been a constant thought in the back of my head that somehow someway I need to find a way back. I don't need to do the spiel on how going abroad changed my life, how I loved it so much, how being immersed in a different culture opened my eyes, etc, etc, etc, because we don't need it. We've all heard that, been there, done that. I simply love Korea and I want to go back and now I am. 

The avenue that made the most sense for me, having graduated as an English major, was to teach English. During the time I was interviewing in NYC, I was also preparing all the documents I needed to teach English in Korea and was sending my resumé and headshot out to a bunch of recruiters every night with the subject line "Ivy League Graduate Seeking Positions in Seoul." That sure got their attention. I landed a job within three weeks of starting my search. 

Three months later, all my bags are packed and I'm leaving this weekend. If I could describe to you the moment of peace and clarity I had when I got my flight itinerary last night, I would write an entire blog post about it. It's so nice having a purpose again.

TL;DR: I will be teaching 8-16 year olds at an English academy in Seocho-gu, Seoul, South Korea. My housing and airfare are free and provided by the school and my wallet couldn't be any more happy. I'm super excited for this new journey and to finally be beginning the next chapter of my life!

Thank you for showing interest in my blog and I hope you anticipate my Seoul Senghwal (서울 생활)--my life in Seoul!

See you in Korea~
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